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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m., monday, may 22. we're following breaking news, new information about a shooting in delaware, police say it involved an off-duty state trooper firing her gun we're live on the scene. shots ring out in north philadelphia, a man is wounded and home and cars are damaged. >> grab the umbrella it will be a soggy start to the workweek. >> let's find out how long you will need the umbrella david murphy has that and karen rogers
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a rainy commute not usually easy good morning. >> reporter: we're starting out wet on the terrace this morning, we have light misty drizzle. storm tracker 6 live double scan we have a line of heavy rain scooting off to the northeast going through burlington county and shifting out gloucester and camden county and affecting atlantic county. it's coming through cumberland county and cape may county. there's more on the other side of the baltimore, if you have drizzle or a lull in the rain there's more of that out to the west wrapping through washington and east of philadelphia this afternoon. 56 degrees in philadelphia, damp. 55 in wilmington. 56 in allentown. 58 degrees in cape may. roads still a little damp even in places where the active rain has shut off temporarily. the winds are not that strong, single digits off the ocean
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though adding moisture to the picture. noon, 60. 3:00 p.m., 67 the rain will have a tendency to dry out west to east during the afternoon. by 5:00 p.m. we have the high of 68 and cloudy at this point. i'll show you the departure of the rain on future trash 6 and talk about a couple of more hits of it before end of the workweek. >> reporter: we have a miserable start to the day, live on the schuylkill expressway approaching belmont westbound traffic heading toward king of prussia, no major delay. slow the down a little bit. in east whiteland township chester county we have an accident, phoenixville pike is blocked between 401 and yellow springs road, the accident brought down pole and wires. police on hand directing traffic around the scene. avoid the delay on phoenixville pike with 202.
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south 58th street, the accident cleared, so traffic is moving better. this has been a problem much of the morning, but traffic is easing on woodland avenue which is better for the route 11 trolley which was compromised. new jersey, we've been showing you on radar how the heaviest rain is in south jersey and delaware, it's coming down pretty good on 42. we see ponding and splash back as you're driving on route 42. be careful northbound traffic slowing a little bit as you head toward the walt whitman bridge matt. >> thank you karen. breaking news we're learning details about a shooting inside a home in news can ale county, delaware. police say an off-duty state trooper was the victim of an assault and fired her weapon to protect herself. katherine scott is live along the 3200 block of champion drives in pike creek with the new information. >> reporter: matt, that's right state police say an off-duty trooper shot her -- shot his
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girlfriend who was severely beating her. it's quiet here on the scene in pike week this morning. a delaware state police vehicle parked outside the home where it happened on the 3200 block of champion drive. this morning around 4:45 a.m., a tow truck arrived and a silver lexus was hooked up and towed away from the home. the off-duty trooper called 911 shortly before 11:15 p.m. they say she was being assaulted by her boyfriend had official injuries among other things that's when state police fired a shot at her boyfriend hitting him in the upper torso. >> she was being severely beaten by the boyfriend the trooper who was off duty grabbed her service weapon and fired a shot at the boyfriend. >> reporter: back here it's quiet, authorities are on the
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sceeb, they are starting to -- scene, they are starting to wrap up. it's early on in the investigation, but police do not think there was anyone else at home. they didn't say if there was a history of domestic violence. we hope to hear more updates from police later today. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that katherine. breaking out of camden county firefighters have control of a fire at a strip mall. flames can be seen coming from the office buildings unit block of colby avenue in stafford. there were no reports of injuries. 6:05 a.m., new this morning, gunfire erupted in a neighborhood in north philadelphia injuring a man. police say the shooting started before midnight 1400 block of west york street. a man was shot in the passenger seat of the car. his girlfriend was driving and raced him to temple university hospital. bullets lodged in a house and parked car.
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the victim is in critical, but stable condition. the suspect took off from the scene. two people are in critical condition and several others are recovering after a violent night in the strawberry mansion section. nine people under the age of 26 were shot on saturday night. the shooting happened 23rd and huntington, a tragic end to a pleasant evening for a group of friends spending time together singing and dancing. someone was streaming the entire episode on facebook live. police are looking for the shooters and looking into a motive. >> firefighters are working to determine what sparked a deadly fire in the city's wynnfield section. firefighters rushed to the 5400 block of diamond street early yesterday morning. an 80-year-old man, his 70-year-old wife, and their 30-year-old son died in the fire. a 19-year-old was able to jump from the burning house. he was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. firefighters say there were no
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working smoke detecters in the house. memorial day means firing up the grill for a lot of people, but double economic the the -- double check the hot dogs before you do. maribel aber is live with more from sometime square. >> nathans and curtis hot dogs are being recalled because of complaints of metal in the franks. the maker of the hot dogs, john morrell and company said they received three complaints of metal. stocks closed out the weeks with gains on friday, futures are reporting to a lower open, reports on home sales and gdp and durable goods are due out. have a great week. >> not so great where there's
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rain. >> reporter: the radar is showing green, it's damp out there, but the big issue is down in south jersey, as we take a closer look at this, heavy rain coursing through south jersey and delaware, as well. shifting to the coast, the general trajectory has been basically northeast and parallel to the turnpike and garden state parkway. as i go in closer, you will get a better idea. millville is getting hit. route 55, the ac expressway. the top of the atlantic city expressway seeing less intense rain there will be a lull coming in, we're seeing the rain taper off in glassboro. drizzle back in these areas, but this is the big problem. southwest into philadelphia and the northern and western suburbs there's rain up there, not as much, but earlier rain has made roads wet, additional showers on the way. there's the wide view, more rain coming south of ballot --
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baltimore heading for dover and cape may. sky6 live hd looking at the commodore barry bridge. it is gray and a little bit damp by the bridge. although that's an area we're starting to see a lull. 56 in allentown. 56 in philadelphia. similar numbers everywhere, mid to upper 50s, upper 50s toward the shore in cape may and at the airport in atlantic city. future tracker 6 shows you another batch of rain is possible toward the tail end of rush hour around 8:00 a.m. it is farther to the west anne catches lehigh valley and berks county. during the afternoon gradually we expect this to shift toward the east. the latest view on future tracker by 3:00 p.m. shows quite a bit of rain east of philadelphia and light stuff in and around the city. the heavier stuff diminishes by 6:00 p.m. although over in south jersey you might be looking at
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rain into the early evening. philadelphia should dry out this afternoon. a couple of more pop-up sprinkles and showers tonight but not as bad. allentown, clouds and showers, 64 is the high. at the shore, that's where you will be stuck with the rain for longer periods of time. periods of rain, heavy today 65 this evening, the rain gets off the coast. ifed periods of rain to the 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for the phillies, 67 for the first pitch 65 in the 9th inning for the start of the series against the rockies. 60 for the overnight low. the seven day from accuweather. today's high, 68 degrees, cooler, morning rain and gradual drying from west to east. tomorrow, cloudy, 71 there's a chance of rain mainly at night.
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wednesday i should say partly sunny and nice, 77 on the round of rain possible at night. thursday, clouds and sun, 73 a shower, friday looks breezy and great, the weekend a couple of 80s on saturday and sunday with the possibility of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm on sunday. >> okay. >> reporter: remember coming up at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night this is tuesday the 1:12 p.m. cesily tynan has the summer outlook, a special report on how the summer is shaping up. are we in for heat waves or will mother nature take it easy on it. >> it's going to be -- murder at the university of maryland, the suspect's social media posts shed light on a possible motive. and then there were 3. "dancing with the stars" final finalist is tonight.
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>> reporter: we're in bucks county, emergency workers on the scene, traffic crawling on route 1 southbound. details on the accident. we'll update you in south jersey when "action news" comes right back. >> welcome back you're taking a
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live look here out across industry hall, the streets are wet, we're dealing with early monday morning rain. 6:14 a.m., 55 degrees. >> look karen, the trees are getting a drink.
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>> reporter: they are getting a drink and so are the roads. it's causing problems. we're seeing accidents popping up now, the schuylkill expressway westbound past henderson road. this accident happened during the commercial break. penndot on the scene they are quick to respond. the guy might have lost his wheel. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound past henderson road a new accident popped up, they just set up the arrow board, the cone you can see traffic is being pushed off to the right. expect a jam on the schuylkill expressway westbound. we have a truck fire on the new jersey turnpike they pushed it off to the shoulder. earlier the speeds were 20 miles per hour it was a mess. things are moving better. watch for the crews northbound on the turnpike past 168 and it 3. here's a live look at the other big accident trevose route 1 southbound approaching neshaminy. traffic is crawling because of an accident that's blocking both lanes up ahead.
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you can see the truck starting to emerge there. the traffic is backed up southbound approaching neshaminy. traffic is being diverted off the service road to get by. the boulevard extension looks miserable, it's wet and gray skies southbound traffic moving okay right now. on the waze app another accident popped up, blue route southbound near woodland watch for an accident here. people reporting. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the heaviest rain is not in pennsylvania, but new jersey and delaware, look at the pounding rain you've been getting, the areas of red and yellow. route 72 in chads worth. route 30 in millville delaware. coatsville and downingtown, light showers passing through 322 and route 30, tam. >> the fbi is investigating whether the stabbing of a black
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student at the university of maryland was hate crime. sean u rmplet -- urbansy richard collins was expected to graduate from booy state on tuesday. they are looking into racial hate as a factor since he belonged to a facebook group where members posted racist material. experts say nor korea's test was to make the country's launches harder to detect. it traveled 3 monday miles and plunged into -- 300 miles and plunged into the sea of japan. this is north korea's 8th missile test since president trump took office.
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nurse ali gorman this is your "action news" headlight tip.
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it is almost the unofficial start is to summer which means you should be using more sunscreen. you want to look for one that is broad spectrum and has an spf of 30 or higher. expect the expiration doubt. when in doubt it's best to throw it out and get new bottle. i'll go get that. >> my husband is why are you throwing it out? it's last year. >> reporter: i use last year's. i'm going to listen to ali now. the rain is not helping anything anyway. tremendous across the bucks county -- trevose bucks county, route 1 southbound, an accident, it's a mess on route 1 southbound. regional rails expect 20 minute
6:22 am
delays beginning today and lasting through early july knew construction starting today. norristown line we have a train that's half-hour late already. >> reporter: karen, we have rain across the region, but the heaviest stuff has shifted east of philadelphia burial ton -- burlington county and atlantic county, ac expressway, route 55 heavy rain there. poor drainage flooding and ponding and puddling on the roads possible. it's misting and drizzeling -- drizzeling in southeastern pennsylvania. dress the kids with the rain gear. 5 a -- 55 decreases by 7:00 a.m. noon 67. >> reporter: high 68.
6:23 am
rain starting out west and winding up in the east, it might be the evening before the shore clears. >> thank you, david. new this morning, the nation's top pedestrian say children should not be given fruit jewels early in life. it offers no nutritional benefits and cannot take the place of breast milk or formula. orderly children should drink fruit juice sparingly and only eat whole fruit. >> alicia vitarelli is in los angeles with the "dancing with the stars" finale. >> jeanette reyes is investigating an early-morning fire in north philadelphia. >> reporter: a woman is found dead after a house fire, she was five months pregnant. what police are saying about her and the on going investigation coming up after the break.
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and competition and finally this week a new dancing duo will take home the the mirror ball trophy. alicia vitarelli is in l.a. with all the excitement. ♪ >> reporter: it was one of the most shocking eliminations ever on "dancing with the stars." the judges were left speechless after olympic gold medalist was sent home last week. now three celebrities remain in the fight for the coveted mirror ball trophy. this harmony singer has found
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herself on top of the leaderboard all season long. she is considered the odds on favorite to win it all. nfl running is yet to get a perfect score. the big two night finale let's started tonight at 8:00 p.m. on 6abc, in hollywood alicia vitarelli channel 6 "action news." >> 6:27 grab the umbrella just to be safe. daibd and karen are helping you through a rainy commute. >> president trump touches down in israel overnight. more on his first international trip up next.
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news," an i don't much -- off-duty state trooper opened fire in her delaware home. fire tragedy a pregnant woman is found dead in a burning home officials suspect foul play. >> jury officials travel 300 miles away to a jury pool to decide bill cosby's fate. >> good morning, everybody, we have rain this morning let's go outside to david murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: south jersey is getting hammered with steady rain, i would caution you to use extra time if you're heading out on the roads, cumberland county, cape may county, atlantic county and burlington and ocean county as you're getting ponding and
6:31 am
puddling. there's additional showers west of washington that will sweep to the south and get a lot of areas that are dry wet again. that could happen toward the end of the rush. tempts in the mid 50s, upper 50s in cape may. winds light off the ocean, though, adding and injecting extra moisture to help the clouds stay thick. 65 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 67. 5:00 p.m., 68. late day high of 68 today. karen when i step inside we'll have a look at future tracker 6 trying to scoot the rain out today. there are more chance of rain and milder temperatures in the seven day ahead. >> reporter: let's hit the roads because it's that time of the morning we have a bunch of problems trying to kick in live on the blue route southbound ramp i-95 northbound where we had a disabled vehicle blocking
6:32 am
the left lane that's creating a slow go on the ramp. route 1 southbound trevose bucks county. route 1 southbound approach neshaminy we have an accident blocking both lanes. look at the speeds of 12 miles per hour traffic is being diverted off on the service road to avoid void -- the delay in bucks county. an accident schuylkill expressway westbound past henderson road where we see the accident blocking the left lane and really creating a jam on the schuylkill expressway westbound. in addition to that an accident that happened overnight still blocking traffic. police are on the scene they are diverting you around this. it is partially blocked between 401 and yellow springs road. expect it not to reopen until after the morning commute. stick to 202 with downed wires creating a problem there. >> we follow breaking news in delaware, police say a violent night ended with an off-duty
6:33 am
state trooper shooting her boyfriend in self-defense. katherine scott is live in pike creek, new castle county with the latest details, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam, that's right, state police say an off-duty delaware state police trooper shot her girlfriend who was severely beating her. we don't know their conditions right now. you can see delaware state police vehicle sits outside this home here in pike creek where it happened on 3200 block of champion drive. investigators are beginning to wrap up hear. let's go to video from this morning around 4:45 a.m., a tow truck arrived and a silver lexus was hooked up and towed away from the home. the 911 call came from the home from the off-duty trooper shortly before 11:15 p.m. she does have children but an her boyfriend was the only one there at the time. she was being beaten by her
6:34 am
boyfriend when she grabbed her service weapon and fired a shot at him. he was hit in the upper torso. new castle police and state police rushed to the scene. >> the altercation occurred between the two, we don't know what it was about at this point, but it is very early in the investigation, but the off-duty female trooper did shoot the boyfriend striking him once in the upper torso. both are being treated at christiana hospital. those all i have at this -- thai have at this point. >> reporter: state police did not say if there's a history of domestic violence. their identities have not been released and we don't know if any charges will be filed. we're expecting to hear from state police later today. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> chester city police are
6:35 am
looking into a reports of a drive-by shooting. the gunfire hit a person at the intersection of 7th and jeffrey streets around 1:11:30. no word on the person's condition or a motive for the shooting. >> a pregnant woman visiting philadelphia never made it back home. firefighters pulled her body from a blaze that investigators are calling suspicious. jeanette reyes is live at central detective's with that story, good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, matt, officials are stopping short of calling this an arson officially pending further investigation and autopsy on the solely if a tail a -- at a -- fatality, the pregnant woman who was 35 years old. a fire broke out on susquehanna avenue. firefighters recovered the body of a 5-year-old woman who was pregnant. the fire marshal returned to the scene and collected etched and
6:36 am
took photos of the vehicles that were parked outside including the victim's car. witnesses described the scene that morning as they saw firefighters entering and leaving the home. we are told that the woman lived out of state visiting her boyfriend. they are holding off authorities are on identifying the woman until they notify all family members. reporting live at central detectives, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> philadelphia police say speed may have been a factor in a deadly crash in the city's juniata section. it happened along hunting park avenue at i-street. police say a driver lost control and slammed into three other cars. the driver died at the scene. five others were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> 6:36 a.m. jury selection begins today in pittsburgh for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. the judge in mrg -- montgomery county ordered the jury pool to
6:37 am
come from allegheny county. the jury will decide whether the comedian drugged andested andrea constan. cosby said it was consensual. president trump and first lady malania stepped off air force one in israel a few hours ago. president trump has several meetings scheduled with netanyahu and mahmoud aboss. he has downplayed significant expectations on the peace process during this stop. >> as you grab the cup of coffee and head out the door, take the umbrella, too. >> reporter: especially in south jersey, but don't be fooled,
6:38 am
southeastern pennsylvania has a lull, but it won't last. we have rain in south jersey. let's get you outside sky6 live hd in philadelphia, we're looking at on sky6 live hd gray skies and lots of rain out there. there you see the ben franklin bridge under the clouds, a bit of a lull in philadelphia. it won't last. as we take a closer view on the heavy rain in south jersey you can see the ac expressway is in the process of picking up more and the atlantic county portion of the expressway has taken on a lot of rain this morning, you may see ponding and puddling, you may have have to drive slow there. poor drainage area flooding in atlantic county, cape may, cumberland county and some of it popped back into southern gloucester county and heading toward camden county. the movement is pretty much from the southeast -- or southwest i should say up toward the
6:39 am
northeast. it's basically going parallel to the ac expressway and the garden state parkway. a wider view shows you that we do have additional rain out to the south and west that will pop through later on. 56 degrees is the currents temperature. 53 degrees is the dewpoint. the air is saturated. winds out of the east at 6 miles per hour. future tracker 6 showing you from now until 9:00 a.m. we have an additional round of rain from the south and west. you see additional rain continuing up until noon. looks like the center portion. region will be wet by the lunch hour. after that in the afternoon we expect the heaviest rain to push toward the east. by 3:00 p.m., philadelphia may be damp, the heaviest rain will be back in the areas similar to where you're getting it right now. later in the evening hours 6:00, the rain is deminishing in intensity. if you're in south jersey, you might be dealing with rain into the early evening hours.
6:40 am
11:00 it's spotty precipitation. temperatures stay in the 60s today starting in the 50s. 56 by 8:00 a.m. 58 by 10:00 a.m. 60 buy noon. 67 from 3 to 6:00 p.m. with a high of 68 around 4:00 p.m. kind of late for the high today. high temperatures across the region, mid 60s in the northern suburbs, upper 60s in philadelphia, wilmington and millville. mid 60s down the shore morning rain gradual afternoon drying. if you're heading to the phillies, 67 for the first pitch. 65 in the 9th inning dry and cool. the seven day from accuweather today rasp high, 68. we have rain in the morning and gradual drying west to east during the afternoon. if you're down the shore it will be the evening before you dry out. 71 tomorrow cloudy light rain the best chance of that is at night. on wednesday, partly sunny and nice overall, 77 with another round of rain at night. clouds and sun on thursday, 73 with a couple of showers there,
6:41 am
finally on friday, a breezy, nice day, partly sunny, 75. saturday, 80 degrees partly sunny, really nice, 80 on sunday. however on sunday there's a chance of a pop up afternoon shower or thunderstorm. >> 6:41 a.m., a first responder is the one in need of a rescue when part of a building crashes down on him. >> stranded sea life crews get creative to lure this hump back whale out of the harbor. >> reporter: schuylkill expressway westbound at henderson road, tow truck on the sceeb they -- scene they are reo take away the vehicle. we have video of a truck fire that's causing problems, i'll have that when we come right back. >> that's a live picture of
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
commodore barry bridge it is raining along the delaware river, 56 degrees. >> let's go to karen. >> reporter: that looks miserable, right the ride in is a little tough. we had a truck fire that cleared on the new jersey turnpike northbound past the black horse pike. this is the video as we look at the truck fire. you saw the flames on the action cam shooting up, watch for this accident causing big problems, the truck was fully engulfed with fire. it just cleared on the new jersey turnpike between exits 3 and 4. it was causing cars to crawl along for a while. that's why, thanks to the video
6:45 am
being sent in, you see the flames shooting in the air with the truck fire on the new jersey turnpike, moving better here. i want to show you what it looks like in tuckahoe coming down pretty good route 50 at 49. people are driving through the roads that are covered with water right now in parts of new jersey. that's where the heaviest rain is still coming down right now. let's take you over here to route 1 southbound approaching neshaminy here in bucks county. we have a problem in trevose an accident that continues to block both lanes, they are forcing the traffic off on a service road that's creating problems on route 1 southbound in bucks county. bethlehem pike unionville pike a problem coming in hatfield a vehicle fire hang right now. an accident on the schuylkill expressway, we're looking at a 20 minute jam westbound between the blue route and the turnpike near henderson road we have an accident blocking the left lane. commuter traffic report another accident popping up on 42 near
6:46 am
295. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing the heaviest of rain continues to blanket south jersey and delaware, that's where we're seeing the pongtd on on -- ponding on the roadway, mays landing, fortescue. it's coming down in coatsville, mar -- malvern and norristown. >> you're about to see the frantic efforts to save a michigan firefighters near iron mountain on saturday. part of the buildings collapses trapping the firefighter. fell firefighters and first responders rush to pull him out. >> there's a fireman in there, get him out, get him out. >> reporter: a second firefighter was treated for smoke both are expected to be okay. >> a wayward whale stuck in a southern california harbor has found its way back into the
6:47 am
ocean. the 40-foot long whale arrived in ventura harbor on saturday. appear to be a healthy juvenile. rescue crews kept playing hump back whale feeding sounds near the harbor's exit and entrance points. we'll be right back. ♪
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"g.m.a." >> let's turn to robin roberts we've been watching president trump's arrival in israel throughout the morning. >> reporter: matt and tam we'll continue that, the second leg of the international trip landing in israel after speaking out against terrorism to muslim leaders in saudi arabia. we'll have the latest from jerusalem and full team coverage this morning. ahead our exclusive one on one with billy bush what he has to say about his conversation with trum -- trum -- donald trump. >> ginger zee is swimming with the sharks you can swim along we are using live 360 virtual technology. she'll be here.
6:51 am
the new bachelorette rachel joins us in the studio live. >> robin i'm stuck on the sharks, the best way to do that is in on the beach here. >> reporter: be careful ginger. let's take you outside and check the roads, it's a rough morning commute, every time i look i've got an accident on the highway. the off ramp to the schuylkill expressway, an accident partially blocking the ramp, a tow truck on the scene. blue route not terribly wet. the roads in new jersey and delaware that's a different story. >> reporter: heavy rain over south jersey and delaware, spotty showers in southeastern pennsylvania. the additional stuff pie baltimore will be -- by baltimore will be coming into southeastern pennsylvania. looks like we'll get a high of 68 degrees late in the day around 5:00 p.m.
6:52 am
rain tapering off west to east gradually. if you're at the shore you'll have to wait until this evening, to dry out. >> memorial day weekend is fast approaching five days away, some are scrambling to get in shape for the beach or the pool. you may not lose 15 pounds by saturday, but you should not dry. kick start your journey with a plan that's approve to work. here's ali gorman with tonight's special report. >> reporter: fad diets are in, personalized diets are in, meet a working mother who tapped into virtual nutrition sessions. she learned how to tweak her diet while enjoying her favorite foods like pizza. she lost 30 pounds in 4 months. >> that was an amazing feeling i was a 18 and i'm a 16 now i'm a size 1. we'll show you how she filled her shopping cart and what you can do to shape up for summer.
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police say an off-duty delaware state trooper shot her boyfriend in self-defense in new castle county delaware. it happened on champion's drive in pike creek. the boyfriend was severely
6:56 am
beating the off-duty trooper. fire damaged a strip mall in south jersey, firefighters arrived to thick smoke and flames coming from an office building in stafford, camden the there were no reports of injuries. jury selection begins in pittsburgh for the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. the trial is set to start in norristown on june 5. >> reporter: we have a bunch of accidents this one in trevose bucks county causing problems traffic is blocked and diverted off to a service road. rain is coming down, the roads are flooded like route 50 at tuckahoe. >> reporter: you can see the difference in the camera angerles take a look showers in southeastern pennsylvania and delaware. check out the showers in baltimore that's winging toward southeastern pennsylvania toward
6:57 am
the end of rush. rain will clear west to east in the afternoon hours, down the shore it may be this evening, before you're finally dry. >> we'll get there eventually. all morning long we'll update as you head out for your commute in the rain. for karen, matt, you guys stop it with the paper, david, i'm tam. have a good morning.
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good morning, america. president trump landed moments ago in israel hoping to jump-start a peace deal. >> shalom. >> after that dramatic speech in the heart of the muslim world telling leaders to unite to wipe out terrorism. >> drive them out of the holy land and drive them out of this earth. >> now all eyes on his meetings with israel and palestine's leaders as he tries to strike the ultimate deal and move past the political chaos at home. >> nerd on a college campus. the fbi now investigating. a 22-year-old college student charged with stabbing a member of the rotc outside a dorm. what they're now learning about the facebook group the suspect now wrobelonged to. the first look at our one-on-one with billy bush. his first tv interview after being tired after tha


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